Mountain Trip – Barcis, Pordenone

I have a fear of heights, don’t ask me how I managed to climb up to the Christ Redeemer (and take photos) in Rio, let’s just say I thank my friend Christina for “holding my hand”. When a trip to the mountains of Pordenone was suggested, my heart jumped to my throat. How would I feel all the way up in the mountainous landscape that I had recently discovered and snapped many ‘a Instagram pictures of?

It’s actually incredible how fear can quite easily dissolve, like an aspirin in a glass of water, at the sheer sight of nature at it’s finest. The ascent was barely noticeable as we passed through various small villages and tunnels. As we drew nearer and nearer to the mountains, the sight of colossal evergreen trees and snow peaks put my mind at ease. I was close to nature, I was safe.

Barcis, Province of Pordenone

Barcis, Province of Pordenone

Barcis is situated in the Province of Pordenone, a 45 minute car trip from Sacile train station. The ride there and back is highly recommended for avid cyclists. Pack yourself a decent lunch of cheeses, meats, bread and wine, take in the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine and prepare to be enchanted by the emerald green lake – the Lago de Barcis.

Lago de Barcis

Lago de Barcis

Swim with the fishes and observe the elegance of the swan. Peace rules at the lake. I can only imagine that the inhabitants of this region must be laughing at those of us who choose to live in cities, just the color of the lake is enough to leave me completely mesmerized.

Lago de Barcis

Lago de Barcis

Plan your trip on a weekend and walk up to the village where they hold summer fetes and stalls. Here you can find homemade soaps, olive oil, wine, honey, pastries and liquors in every flavor under the sun! My personal favorites being amaretto, coconut, hazelnut and of course the Italian limoncello (lemon) liquors.

What's your flavor? Italian Limoncello

What’s your flavor? Italian Limoncello

Home made soaps

Home made soaps

A day to remember. Hire a car or a guide from Pordenone or Sacile. Other notable mountain villages to visit includes nearby Aviano.

The village at Barcis

The village at Barcis

Colossal Trees. Barcis

Colossal Trees. Barcis





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