Escape the Crowds in Pordenone

As much as I love Venice, at times the heat, sun and crowds of tourists can become a bit much for me. If you feel like a day trip outside of the island city, to somewhere more peaceful, take the train up north to Pordenone. At the very top eastern tip of Italy lies Pordenone. In between Venice and Trieste, this is a perfect pit stop location for those wondering travelers. I fell in love with the city immediately, this is northern Italy at its finest.

Renaissance architecture along the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

Renaissance architecture along the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

Stunning Gothic and Renaissance architecture with delicately painted facades still survive. Whilst in Pordenone, I felt like I had stepped back in time, sheltered from the rough edges of modern living.

A typical day in Pordenone

A typical day in Pordenone


As you can imagine, being an art history fan, this was like architectural porn/Disney Land for me.

Architectural Porn

Architectural Porn

Palazzo Ricchieri

Palazzo Comunale

If you do plan that day trip out of Venice or Trieste to Pordenone, you’ll probably bump into this place. The Loggia del Municipo (Gothic Communal Palace) is now the seat of the town’s council. I love the architectural fusion of the original 13th century Gothic body with the addition of the 16th century towers.

Duomo di San Marco

Duomo di San Marco

Across from the palazzo is the Cathedral of San Marco, originally a Gothic construction, this church has been remodeled over the centuries until its final 18th century reconstruction by Domenico Rossi.



Absolutely in love with the bell tower.

Iced Beaten Coffee

Beaten Iced Coffee

Relax in the Piazza San Marco with an beaten iced coffee, over looking the architectural splendor and peaceful happenings of Pordenone.


Other sights to visit include the Chiesa della Santissima Trinita, a beautiful 16th century octagonal church which is located across the river from the historical center. If you’ve got an eye for designer wear then Pordenone is the place for you. The Medieval streets are lined with Italian and international high end fashion boutiques.



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